Why I started Ergo: My Lyme story

Written By Meghan Ward - November 05 2019


Mary E.
March 15 2022

I havebenn put on Doxycycline four times in Ten years butCBD with Blackseed oil Rosemary oil to preserve it and other terpines so help my Ly mes .K can eve think better and my memory improves to a great extent my anxiety and depress are nearly entifreoy eleminated.Thank hou for sharing your story I feel mine stated in Texas in 1995 and mry Lymes followed meto Eirope and back home to USA as I was in Mikitary Thank you so much for sharing your story and how CD helped. I hope and pray your business Bget better and better and you are so very brave to share your story with us all.There is a Saying a joury if a thousand miles started with one step.’’ I wish juou great health and business success.Thank agak for your candid story and quwtbfor good health.Could you share if you had the two part test to pinpoint yourLhmes Diagnosis. Thank you!

Meghan Ward
November 13 2020

Hi Ginger! Sorry to hear of your Lyme struggles. I am sending you an email to share what works for me when it comes to Lyme, Talk soon!

ginger brownell
November 12 2020

I have suffered with Lyme Disease for 3 years and have numerous muscle aches and joint pain. I’m 58 and at the point where I will need a hip replacement. Can you recommend the best CBD product and dosage for chronic Lyme Disease?

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